Wavelengths (2020)

  • Women's Rights, Health, Community
  • 11min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Wavelengths beautifully documents conversations between volunteers and callers of a womxn-support hotline at a time when reaching out and bridging new distances has become increasingly difficult.

These vulnerable phone calls involve difficult conversations surrounding issues of abortion and motherhood, bringing light to the continued hidden struggles of women that are compounded during the pandemic. Focusing on these conversations from the point of view of the volunteers, these difficult conversations and issues are given a new perspective.

In this subtle way, the pandemic has a dual effect on women’s bodies: exaggerating the hidden and compounded issues of bodily autonomy that women face every day and the emotional labour of the volunteers’ support as these heavy topics enter their homes.

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Jessie Zinn




United States, South Africa