Watch Over Me (2020)

  • Health Care, Documentary
  • 1h 32m

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This masterfully made film chronicles the day-to-day experiences of a palliative care team in India who visit terminally ill cancer patients to help them come to terms with the inevitability of death. Through a combination of deeply empathetic filmmaking and careful, patient observation, the film delicately conveys the experiences of the dying and their families, as well as acknowledging the stoic caregivers, whose reserves of compassion and patience seem endless.

In addition to the pragmatic medical attention they dispense, the team of no-nonsense women helps to provide interior clarity for their patients and those around them, while also helping families to negotiate the health system.

Beyond its immediate subject matter, the film provides an insightful portrait of contemporary India and the lives of its poorest citizens.

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Farida Pacha




Switzerland, Germany, India