There is Power in the Collar (2020)

  • Political, Religious, LGBTQI, Love
  • 1h 16m

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Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual Violence and Discrimination. This emotionally powerful and politically important film looks at the largely unexplored intersection of Christianity, colonialism and homophobia in Africa, and specifically in Botswana, where it follows a queer human-rights organisation’s fight to decriminalize same-sex relations in the country’s constitution. While colonialism and Christian evangelism have been key factors in the spread of homophobia in Africa, the film also acknowledges the potential power of the church, and pastors in particular (hence the film’s title), to reverse the tide on homophobia, expressing the brotherly love of the new testament rather than the controlling and archaic laws of the old.

Although There’s Power in the Collar documents the situation specifically in Botswana, its central concerns apply to much of Africa and indeed the world.

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Courtesy of DFA docLOVE


English, Tswana


South Africa, Botswana