The Mole Agent (2020)

  • Family, Detective
  • 1h 30m

Academy Award Nominee 2021: Best Documentary

Octogenarian widower Sergio is recruited to go undercover at a Chilean old age nursing home, serving as the eyes and ears of a private eye hired to investigate the care its residents receive. Instead of simply serving his role, Sergio will find himself woven deep into the fabric of the home, forming fast friendships, breaking hearts and bringing joy, even as he rediscovers his own.

As his investigation proceeds along the most unconventional of manners, his greatest undercover finds will be the most human.

An exploration of ageing, loneliness and abandonment, both hilarious and deeply moving, played out in fly-on-the-wall observation, The Mole Agent is so pitch-perfect at times that it feels like it must be scripted.

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Maite Alberdi