The Case You (2020)

  • Documentary, Women, Biography, Exploitation
  • 1h 20m

Courtesy of DOK.Fest Munich

_Watch the powerful Q&A with the filmmaker and protagonists! _

Cinema has been pushing boundaries as an art form for more than a century, including often uncomfortable boundaries between actors and directors, particularly in films of a sexual nature.

The Case You explores just how far actors can be pushed in the name of cinema and art, and where the line lies between acting and sexual assault. The film centres around the testimony of six young women who were manipulated and sexually abused during an audition for a film about incest.

They knew beforehand that the film was about incest, and they were familiar with the director’s controversial work. But during the audition, without prior discussion, they were groped, physically assaulted, and forced to undress. Director Alison Kuhn was one of them. Together with the five other women, she reconstructs the traumatic experience in a powerful work of cinema that speaks directly to our times.

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Alison Kuhn