Sing Me A Lullaby (2020)

  • Family, Heritage
  • 29min

Tiffany Hsiung’s journey to find out the truth of her family history spans 14 years and 2 continents.

Sing Me a Lullaby initially follows Hsiung’s efforts to find her mother’s birth family in Taipei, Taiwan. The reason is her mother’s separation from her parents and adoption in childhood.

Because of Hsiung’s masterful editing, the film completely avoids the trap of extending the narrative beyond its means. Instead, it continuously reveals new twists in the story, while asking the audience what it truly means to be a parent - is it the blood relation, or the act of love itself?

A well paced, well shot film, it premiered at TIFF and won the Share Her Story award.

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Tiffany Hsiung




Canada, Taiwan