Shorts Programme | SOCIAL JUSTICE (2020)

  • Survival
  • 1h 15m

Taking Off The Masks | Dir. Dylan Valley | 25 min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Taking off the Mask follows the story of Isaak Saas, a wrongfully incarcerated prisoner who speaks out about the life-scarring incident of how he was repeatedly raped while awaiting trial.

His story highlights the failure of the justice system and the public at large to recognise and protect the rights of prisoners and follows his journey in advocating for prisoners rights and finding the courage to forgive himself for what happened.

Shepherds | Dir. Teboho Edkins | 27 min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Shepherds is a curious account of the correctional services system in Lesotho, looking at a prison and the detainees who are shepherds for the penitentiary. We learn more about each of the captives and marvel at how they can be trusted to care for and rear the livestock, which one prisoner aptly equates to “life”.

While there is no clear remorse for the crimes that were committed in their past lives, there is a palpable hunger to rebuild their futures.

Suñu Ekool | Dir. Aron Marty & Maria Bänziger | 23 min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Suñu Ekool follows Babacar ‘Bouba’ Camara, a 51-year-old former construction worker who, after 15 years of working in Switzerland, returned home to Dakar, Senegal, to found a private elementary school called Adja Nene Soukho.

The filmmaker’s patient eye allows long stretches of purely observational sequences to sketch out a feeling for the audience that the school is a microcosm of Senegal as a whole, from the financial pressure faced by both parents and teachers, to the wonderful warmth and humanity that emanates from the learners - the nations future. This slice-of-life film is short, sweet and worth the watch.


English, Afrikaans, Sotho, French


South Africa