Shorts Programme | DISPLACEMENT (2020)

  • Displacement, Refugees, Family
  • 52min

Sifa | Dir. Jean-Paul Moodie | 17 min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Sifa follows Chris-Anne Sifa and her mother Riziama, refugees from the DRC, who fled the conflict in their homeland when Sifa was 10 years old. Now residing in Delft, Cape Town, we hear tales of Sifa’s experience with xenophobia in South Africa, shedding light on a larger issue of hatred in the country.

By framing the xenophobic attacks through the lens of this young girl, a refugee who struggled through hardship to find a better land, the emotional authenticity of the film shines through. The discrimination she received from her new home motivates her to volunteer with the Adonis Musati Youth Programme - a non-profit organisation aimed at helping refugees who live in South Africa.

Leviticus 19:34 | Dir. Jack Markovitz | 10 min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Leviticus 19:34 reveals a city through the musings, interactions and explorations of a stranger. Friendly, open and getting by, this man’s character and limited insight into his life demonstrates the nuances and expanses of a person one misses without knowing them.

Hopes of reuniting with the daughter he’s never met, thoughts on a Jewish neighbourhood and final words to a chicken he carries home for a meal bring the audience into his world and perspective. Without knowing much about him, this man’s strolls through the streets, scams on internet dating sites and chats with strangers in the park form a complex picture of the city. SOME SCENES CONTAINING VIOLENCE.

Deliver Me | Dir. Jannous Nkululeko Aukema | 25 min

In Deliver Me, Paul Mwasi, separated from his family and alone in South Africa, works as an uber driver to establish a better life for his wife and daughter.

This poetic story expresses a surreal experience that Paul finds himself in and through its music, edits and personal shots beautifully captures an image of a separated family and a lonely man who rides the dangerous streets of Cape Town during the lockdown, highlighting the story of many others who migrate to South Africa in search of economic prosperity.




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