Shorts Programme | COVID (2020)

  • Covid, Education, Children’s, Entrepeneur
  • 23min

Jeannette Makes Masks | Dir. Nadine Cloete | 6 min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Jeannette Makes Masks tells the story of a black female entrepreneur who during the beginning of the covid pandemic, was faced with hunger as her shop was unable to make an income. She decided to make masks and took a social initiative to educate and provide people less fortunate than her with protective gear. The story further captures the community’s opinion on the Covid pandemic and highlights how for some people, putting food on the table is more important than a virus they can not see.

Schools Shut Down | Dir. Kastarine Kogola | 7 min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Schools shut down is an incredibly insightful documentary that draws our attention to the life of a young, determined matriculant from Orange Farm. Above the obstacles – exacerbated by COVID-19 – that exist within the environment in which she lives, and the prevailing pressures of Grade 12, we witness the arduous task of learning during a global pandemic.

This film is a story about resilience and Buhle’s steadfastness in her strife to succeed and overcome the ongoing challenges presented before her.

Lefu/The Funeral | Dir. Omelga Mthiyane | 10 min

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