Shorts Programme | ARTS & CULTURE (2021)

  • Avant-Garde, Family, LGBTQI
  • 30min

INSIDE OUT | Dir. Jabu Newman | 5min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

In Inside Out, members of a Western Cape dance company turn themselves inside out and display their passion, love and enthusiasm for dance. Their effervescent talent is masterfully captured from the site-specific physical space of the performance and artistically transposed and immortalised. The intriguing visuals provide a palpable exhibition of the talent and vibrancy of this dance company who narrate what dance means to them individually and in their daily lives.

LIKE WATER | Dir. Jessie Zinn & Sara CF De Gouveia | 14 min

Like Water is a lighthearted story fused with animation which captures the work of 73-year-old martial arts sensei, Togieda Flowers, who since 1977 has taught karate to Cape Flats youth, who seek a positive outlet to express themselves and an escape from gang violence.

The story follows six-year-old Nawar Taliep, who represents the future generations that Sense Togieda Flowers hopes to nurture in order to develop strong characters.

THE MEN WHO SPEAK GAYLE | Dir. Andrew Brukman | 11 min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Gayle was a secret language formed during apartheid between gay communities. Its popularity grew into it being used as a form of entertainment speech. The Men who Speak Gayle explores the history of the gay community in Cape Town and the conditions that people who identified with being gay had to endure during that era, whilst it also provides a sharp contrast to the much more favourable conditions of openly gay men today. The documentary takes shape in the form of a conversation between Nathan Kennedy and Louise Van Brakkel, who are drag performers and gayle speakers.

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