Max Richter's Sleep (2019)

  • Arts, Music, Composer
  • 1h 39m

A moment of quiet beauty and a meditation on its own through its gentle, gorgeous cinematography, vibrant colour palette and hypnotic soundscapes, Max Richter’s Sleep is partly a document of British composer Max Richter’s life, family and the process of writing and performing his eight-hour opus, ‘Sleep’ around the world.

Partly a captivating concert film and partly a deeper exploration of humanity and our relationship with sleep, with the mind, with nature and its rhythms and with peace.

Beautifully crafted, in a time of non-stop living, the film is a reminder to slow down and to listen – to our bodies, our environments and, of course, to Richter’s emotive, immersive compositions.

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Natalie Johns




United Kingdom, United States