I, Mary (2020)

  • Albinism, Activism, Family
  • 1h 16m

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**Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual Violence and Discrimination. **

I, Mary takes an in-depth and highly intimate look at the experience of albinism through the eyes of Maryregina Ndlovu, an activist who has made it her personal mission to make albinism more visible in society and the media.

By giving Mary the space to talk freely about her experiences, from her early memories as a child, to the liberation of reclaiming herself and her body as an adult, the film helps to normalise albinism while also exploring the intersection of albinism and gender-based violence and its impact on personal identity.

Mary is certainly an exceptional person, not because of the fact that she looks different from others, but because her response to that difference is so powerful.

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South Africa