All-In (2021)

  • Coming of Age, Documentary
  • 1h 19m

Join us for the online live Q&A with the filmmaker, Volkan Üce moderated by Dylan Valley on Friday 18 June at 7:25 PM.

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This exquisitely observed and beautifully paced film follows 18-year-old Ismail and 25-year-old Hakan as they leave their village for the first time to start working in a huge all-inclusive hotel on the Turkish Riviera.

Living and working among the array of colourful bikinis, un-emptied plates and guests from all over the world, they gradually grow and discover new opportunities. All-in documents a coming-of-age within an artifice based on the European dream, and while the experience expands Ismail and Hakan’s lives, it comes at a cost, as initial kindness turns to indifference and Hakan struggles with the arrogance of the entitled guests.

In All-in, the hotel functions as the setting for a universal story about the loss of innocence that occurs when newcomers try to adapt to capitalist societies in the developed world.

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Volkan Üce


Turkish, English


Belgium, Turkey