A Year in Exile (2020)

  • Displacement, Documentary, Family, Survival, Political
  • 19min

Watch the pre-recorded Q&A with filmmaker here.

Director Malaz Usta offers a film that delivers on every level. Using its unique style of montage and graphic design, A Year In Exile is a breathtaking piece of poetry in motion, documenting the experience of a Syrian immigrant living in Istanbul for 12 months.

The Arabic narration aches with heartbreak - for a home they cannot return to and because of the city they were banished to, that is as unwelcoming as it is a land of new opportunities.

We are taken through each month, evocatively experiencing life through the eyes and ears of a refugee, with the unconventional style of editing making this work an emotional exploration of living a life of exile.

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Malaz Usta


Turkish, Arabic


Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey